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Evolving through the signs

  • Aries: survival and instinct
  • Taurus: needs/wants and security
  • Gemini: looking around the outside world
  • Cancer: looking around the inside world
  • Leo: being noticed and expressing
  • Virgo: noticing and fixing
  • Libra: alterations and harmony
  • Scorpio: seeing deeper and covering
  • Sagittarius: seeing higher and opening
  • Capricorn: using and forming
  • Aquarius: using and inventing
  • Pisces: : sacrificing and understanding

Hellcat Spangled Shalalala

  • Interviewer: Hellcat Spangled Shalalala?
  • Nick: That's just Al...
  • Matt: That's just Alex's imagination... he's er... Hellcat, yeah. I, yeah I don't even know where he gets these things from.
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